UPDATE: Demon Hunters to be released after downtime on Wednesday 10th! See here for more details.

If you're not yet up to speed on what's coming this Wednesday, here's a list of the major points:

New Transmogrification system!

Finally all you Transmog lovers can save sets when they visit a Transmogrifier, for easy access to your favourite looks. Also pulls through all the quest rewards you chose - on copying my Hunter over to the Beta, I had a fair few items already :)

Class and Glyph changes!

Time to re-learn your class all over again! A lot has changed, speaking personally I have a new melee spec to get used to on my Hunter at some point if I choose to play Survival!

Item Changes!

Several stats will disappear in the continuation of the great stat slaughter that started with Warlords of Draenor. Multistrike, Bonus Armor and Spirit are banished to the nether!

Players who are used to changing armor types at level 40 (Plate wearers, Mail wearers) will no longer have to do so - you can now use your appropriate armor from level 1!

There will now be more items classified as Toy Box items, clearing even more space in your bags and bank!

There's lots more coming, although the Demon Hunter class hasn't been unlocked yet for those of us that have pre-ordered Legion - this will come no later than August 17th, to allow us time to level and get used to our new characters before Legion finally hits. For full details, check out the post on Wowhead here.

If you're a returning player to WoW, for a reminder, we're on the Draenor server on Horde side - whisper anyone in the guild for an invite - do "/who Pandion Knights" to find us!

Jonnybravo FOR THE HORDE

If you're thinking of coming and trying World of Warcraft for the first time, please consider the refer-a-friend scheme!

One of our existing players can send you a referral link, which provides benefits to both you and our existing guildie, as set out in this article on the Blizzard website.

To sum up though, you get:

  • You and your referee gain the ability to summon each other to the other's location for 90 days
  • Bonus experience when you level together (within a certain level range of each other)
  • You as a recruit can grant an extra level to your referrer for every 2 levels you gain while playing (so you can carry on playing, and 'catch up' your referee's character if you've outlevelled it)

Of course, it also has benefits for the person referring you - they get 30 days free game time if you subscribe for a month, and also choose a sweet mount to ride around on if you choose to subscribe.for a second month!

Existing members can ask for a referral in the WoW forum here. If you're new to PK, post here instead!

The Legion Returns August 30

World of Warcraft: Legion - the upcoming expansion to WoW - now has an official launch date of 30th August 2016.

This follows an earlier announcement by Blizzard of "no later than September 2016", at which point pre-orders for the expansion were opened.

PK WoW will be more than happy to accept new players from other PK games, or returning players that want to see the new content. As a quick reminder, we're on the Draenor EU realm.

JamesGoblin Thanks! This was earlier than I expected o,O
Aldor tag Thanks for the post Sacrogoth

Well done to the WOW community who have progressed through HFC Heroic to Gorefiend.

Keep going team.

The Division Information

Aldor tag posted Mar 6, 16

OK.  So one of the most anticipated games is about to go live so lets give you some information.

Go Live Date:  Confired as 06:00 CET 8th March

Are you playing?  then head over to and let us know.

PK of course will have a presence and we invite all of you to join us.  As allways we tend to be the more casual gamer so do not get frustrated with anyone who can only play once a week.

Of course if you are still a bit undecided or need a bit more info the Uplay have put up a bunch of youtube videos: